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If you are looking for a budget dormitel located in downtown Davao City, come and check us out.  Operating since 1997, we continue to serve customers who are on a budget traveling to Davao City.  We are located in front of Aldevinco Shopping Complex and a few minutes walk away from Ateneo de Davao University.  Eateries,  convenience stores, laundry shops, business centers, ukay-ukay, you name it, are all conveniently located near our humble hotel.    Access to jeeps and taxis are convenient as we can be accessed through Ponciano Reyes St or CM Recto St. We also offer our studio type double rooms and executive rooms for rent for long term stay.  Please click on the links for Monthly Rate located at the top in the navigation bar. We are located in CM Recto St.  For inquiries, please call or text 0922-799-6078 (Sun) / 082-222-4930  (Landline) email: dvoimperial@yahoo.com.ph

Excursion 2

This is a late post on one of the most enjoyable gigs I’ve been in Davao. Despite the rain, throngs of fans of all ages were set to watch Excursion 2.

It started with some local bands who were a force of their own: Jad Montenegro, Simple Lang, Anne Mendoza, Kwatro Medya and Planeta. Then, Flying Ipis who notably for me sang their Tainted Love inspired song made it my highlight for their set. They rocked and made fans jump and dance — didn’t matter if they were inebriated or sober, Flying Ipis made people giddy. Gaijin was in their punk-new wave form and fans happily obliged to show them love. Then came Dong Abay and the Tanods. Beginning their set with Perpekto was nape hair tingling. A feeling you get with such a stage presence you vibe from a performer who means every damn word sung. Fans were singing, jumping, drinking and enjoying the vibe emanated from Dong Abay and the Tanods. Notably, Buddy Zabala was on bass and Raimund Marasigan was on drums. I think only Dong Abay could pull half of the Eraserheads in one band and make them his own. Their set ended with Tsinelas, where Raimund shared the microphone and Mike Dizon played drums. Needless to say, people went ape-shit during the song. Last was Pedicab. Diego Mapa, the unassuming front-man is another force on stage that knows how to keep the party going and set it up a notch. Needless to say, he’s ably backed by a tight band comprised of rock n’ roll veterans; Jason Caballa, RA Rivera, Mike Dizon and Raimund Marasigan.

I think I would have written more about the gig had I done this earlier. Next time I should know better then.

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Excursion 2 in 22 Days

ExcursionI miss writing. The past 2 months have been very busy and passed like a blur. Before you know it, it’s 2013 already and January is ending. So, hello there February. Please be good to us. No more visiting hospitals. Please.

One thing to look forward to in February is the coming gig of Pedicab, Dong Abay and the Tanods, Flying Ipis, The Diegos, Gaijin and Team Manila DJs. Last year’s Excursion was fun. This will surely be a party again. Pedicab’s amalgamation of dance and punk will surely keep the kids dancing. Dong Abay and the Tanods will play their own brand own brooding rock, deeply rooted in the pinoy experience. Flying Ipis and Gaijin will be ripping their sets with their brand of punk cum new wave songs. Lastly, to keep the kids dancing and mellow out the end of the show, The Diegos and DJ Mon will be showing off their DJ skills.

Tickets are dirt cheap at 200pesos. What? For five bands? Yep, you better believe it. Don’t miss out on a definite maximum-rock n’ roll-beer drinking  (beer tab’s on YOU!) filled night on Feb. 22, 2013 at Sales Bar, Sales St., Davao City.

Durian City’s home for booze & rock n’ roll: Sales Bar – Tekanplor

These are good times for rock n’ roll in Davao. Bands are playing and original music is at the forefront. It’s getting heard in what I consider the home of rock n’ roll in Davao these days, Sales Bar – Tekanplor.

What started as a place to jam for friends turned out to be a melting pot for Davao’s original music to be heard. Various organizers have been producing shows every weekend for a number of months already at a steady pace. It also brings together the rock scene. Gone are the days where I would yearn for a place to drink, unwind and hear my kind of music. Well it’s here and a few minutes away from my place, Davao Imperial Hotel to boot!

They are also looking for people to gig during weekdays as their new place can accommodate these and they also have a roof deck for those who just want to unwind under the starry sky.

I got to take some pictures of Kwatro Medya and Jad Montenegro last weekend. Kwatro Medya has a fresh take on post-punk while Jad Montenegro has this ethereal sound  that tugs your heartstrings and makes you smile. Both bands rock in my book. Check out Sales – Tekanplor, Sales Street to experience rockin n’ rollin, Davao style.