Money changers in Davao

I needed to change US dollars today so I decided to go to Aldevinco, the nearest foreign currency exchange place from Davao Imperial Hotel as it’s just across the street. I haven’t been into this place for awhile now and was wondering which shop to pick from for money changing. The moment I set foot inside the complex, sales persons were already offering money changing services to me. I checked 3 shops randomly and found out they offered the same rate to change US dollars. I then decided to go back to the shop that was most friendly and accommodating to me. Customer Service still rules when it comes to choosing for me. I was also pleased with the exchange rate which was not too far from the one listed in the internet. Money changing, made convenient by Aldevinco shops across Davao Imperial Hotel.


Miami Heat are champs.. hohum

I’m still feeling a little bitter.  My OKC Thunder didn’t even get to battle it out for 6 games. Chalk it up to experience boys, as young as you are, you were able to get to the finals.  Maybe next year?  We’ll see.  I’ll be rooting for the Bulls though when Derrick Rose comes back healthy.

Kudos to Coach Spo, pinoy pride and all that crap aside, he managed to make 3 superstars, 2 of them with humongous egos as vast as the Atlantic Ocean, play together.  Key role players like Battier, Miller, Cole and Haslem stepped up big time.  Lebron, as difficult to admit, was remarkable, carried the team down the stretch during the entire playoffs and matured as a leader too.  A defining moment I noticed was when he approached Chalmers close to the end of the 3rd quarter, with Miami up by 20 plus points to refrain from being in a celebratory mood.  The old Lebron would have been the arrogant fool he was before and would’ve monkeyed around to celebrate an impending victory.  As usual, Wade and Bosh did their own thing and made big plays too.  So there, to the Miami Heat and their fans, congratulations fools!

It’s been a gloomy late afternoon in Davao, the cloudy skies signals rain again.  Which is more than I can say with the sadness in Oklahoma City tonight.  Well, as I’ve said, next year boys!