Urban Dub at Abreeza

One really has to wonder why seats are placed in a rock gig.  I don’t understand why organizers don’t get that rock gigs are supposed to be watched while standing.  Rock music should move people.  And standing is the best position to rock out!  Bands love it when people react to their music.  How dull would it be the head-bang sitting?

Case in point was the show by Urban Dub a few hours ago.  The band gave their everything and delivered an intense show despite the awkwardness of having a sitting crowd.  Gabby, the singer asked the crowd to engage with the music and come closer during the 1st song.   Much to the delight of the elated kids, they stood up and went near the stage.  But here came the overacting event security and  cock blocked kids half their size.  I mean, what the fuck? What the hell could they do to ruin the show?  Kids were just dancing.  Last time I checked it wasn’t a crime. Then the overbearing event security ordered them to sit down after the 1st song.  To Urban Dub’s credit, they were forthright that they weren’t used to their crowd sitting down while they played but respected the venue’s stand on keeping the crowd to sit still.

Security was a bunch of killjoys.  I think they need to learn some tips about proper crowd control.  There are accepted norms of enjoying a show and if you invite a rock band, let them and their fans rock.  I don’t think anybody has died of dancing yet.


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