District Treelogy afternoon

A semi-cloudy sunday afternoon makes for a good time to check out the long boarding community in Davao.   The race event, held at Sun City, was organized by District Tree, who manufactures carbon-fiber long boards that rival the quality of foreign brands.   Every  couple of months or so, race events are organized to get the downhill long board enthusiasts to showcase their skills to the community.   But what really was appealing to me was that the race didn’t have that air of  uptightness that comes with these types of competition.  The organizers, participants and spectators gathered like a big group of friends out to have fun.  Yes, there was competition, but there were lots of fun too.  Lots of laughter, silly and frivolous remarks were going on while riders fell, slid, scraped their skin or bumped into each other without causing animosity to fellow rider or spectator.

Before the winners were announced, there was also a roll-call of groups present and I was surprised to hear that there were kids coming as far as Gen San.   Talk about passion for the sport huh.  But with the type of atmosphere you get with this crowd, there’s no doubt that you’d want to join their events again and again.  They also had their beer soaking going on for the winners and riders.  Good times.  Good times indeed.  Had a few beers and some grilled pork while lounging around after the race and went on home before it got dark.  Yesterday was a fun and relaxing sunday afternoon.