SM Lanang Premier

So I was able to finally  go to SM Lanang Premier last Saturday.  It looked impressive and the mall was massive.  People were everywhere which never fails to prove the point that SM really appeal to the masses.  There were still a lot of restaurants that hasn’t opened yet so there was really not much of a choice to choose from where to eat.  Forever 21 has opened already so I bet all the women are happy now. I checked out the shoe section of the department store and there were some interesting dress shoes that don’t cost an arm and a leg to buy and Nike’s field trainer was available there too.  I then headed to the tech area.  Samsung tabs looked awesome and I may want to get one.  After sometime, I got bored after walking around within an hour and opted to wait for my sister’s family to meet me at Green Coffee before Taken 2 starts showing.  Taken 2 was good.  It set a steady pace of action and thrilling sequences. Liam Neeson was still deadly and killed everyone.  I also got some pics of SM.  Not much to look at though because I just took it with my crap fone cam.